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Real change, academic success, intensive therapy for boys and girls 13 to 18 years old. 98 % of our graduates go on to attend college or trade school.

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Experience Since 2002

Turning Winds was founded twenty years ago by a father and son who have a strong passion for helping families in need.

Today Turning Winds is an industry-leading residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school. Offering the best therapeutic care for teenagers in crisis across the globe.



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If you are looking for information, this brochure can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.  This one page document is filled with important information about Turning Winds and the services we offer for struggling teens. 

If you are still not sure, or need more time before you call, please take your time review the information and then make your call. 

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Turning Winds Parent Video Testimonials

Play Video about Finding help for distressed daughter - video testimonial
Play Video about Love and support helps a struggling teen - video testimonial
What parents Say About Turning Winds

Parent Reviews

Heather Saum Parent

Life changing. Best decision I ever made for my child. The team is so caring and easy to get ahold of. Any questions or concerns are handled immediately.

The whole family was cared for. We are all better for it. I came to their door with no hope left. Now the family has changed for the better. My child has the chance now at a good life. I can smile again. 

Rocky R Parent

My daughter has been at Turning Winds for 10 months. Prior to being at Turning Winds, she had one suicide attempt and a few years of engaging in self-harm. The excellent staff at Turning Winds taught her healthy coping skills for her depression and anxiety, but more importantly, they helped her practice those skills over and over in a safe and supportive environment.

My daughter has healed within the family-like atmosphere of Turning Winds and its beautiful, natural setting. With all the support she’s received, she’s grown more confident and is emerging into the best version of herself.

Highlights of Turning Winds that make it stand out among other treatment centers I looked at: leadership who gently guide parents through the daunting and scary process of having their teens in treatment; staff who genuinely care and go above and beyond to make the kids feel special; therapists who really get teens, can communicate with them effectively and train the parents how to as well; and the natural setting which really puts the nervous system at ease and ready for healing.

Erik Cantwell Parent

Since my son has been home he has been doing amazing. I was really worried because once COVID hit I was not sure what he would do with all his free time...thankfully he spent his time applying for jobs and researching colleges.

Thank you Turning Winds! I love the staff and how much they all care about our family. 

Daniel Smith-Dino Parent

This place saved our daughter's life- literally. It was truly an excellent experience all around. She went through the entire year long program and is now a college graduate with a professional career and 100% emotionally healthy living her best life.

We have answers

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Turning Winds different from other programs?

We have been working with teens and their families long enough to know what works and what does not work. At Turning Winds, our relationship-focused model fosters individual growth which is centered on five key pillars.

  • Character and leadership development
  • Health and wellness
  • Experiential Education
  • Evidence-based clinical care
  • Academic engagement

  • Our differences:

    • Customized treatment program
    • First-class experienced clinical team with 24-hour nursing care, Psychiatric Nurse
    • Practitioner and Psychiatrist
    • Fully accredited academic program with IEP support
    • Small classroom and group sizes for optimizing academic and clinical growth.
    • Accepts most insurance
    • We can support dietary restrictions
    • World Class Chef for preparing some of the most refined foods.
    • We are a family-centric organization
    • We provide international service-learning experiences.
    • World Class Chef for preparing some of the most refined foods.
    • There is intensive parent support through webinars, regular family counseling sessions, parent workshops, and an effective aftercare program.
    • Our patients are provided with unique recreational experiences
    • Environmentally friendly as we generate ALL of our power through solar technology; we are conservation-minded and teach sustainable principles.

    How long is the program?

    Turning Winds is a long-term residential treatment center where the average stay is ten months. Although that is the average, the amount of time a teen will spend here varies. It is common for teens to transition to the home earlier while some teens will need longer support before going back home.

    What is the cost of Turning Winds

    To understand the financial commitment for our programs, please contact an admissions counselor or family advisor today to discuss payment options.

    How likely is it that my child will change?

    The probability your child will change is significant. Our environment is optimal for a struggling teen to have a high chance for success.

    Our Turning Winds team is well-trained and experienced in dealing with adolescents that struggle with substance abuse, mental health issues, and family problems.

    While it is ultimately up to the child to decide to change, our program does provide a significant pull through our strong peer culture, and experienced staff excels in influencing teens to embrace change and become open to healing and new opportunities. Turning Winds has an outstanding success rate.

    Where are you located?

    Turning Winds is located in beautiful Northwestern Montana. Our facilities are nestled in the Purcell Mountains on 150+ acres. The south fork of the Yaak River runs through the entire property and is an excellent location for fishing and swimming in the summer. Outdoor activities are easily accessible right from our back door.

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    Every child is unique, and so are their medical, psychological, and academic needs. For this reason, we prefer to speak to you about your situation before quoting treatment and residential costs. We encourage you to talk to us about your child. Our process is to complete an evaluation, confer with your insurance company, and determine what percentage of the total cost you will be responsible for.

    Insurance coverage

    We accept most major insurance policies. Our residential treatment services are for clients who need structure and monitoring, including:

    • residential treatment services
    • partial hospitalization program 
    • intensive outpatient treatment


    We offer an array of services, including:

    • a comprehensive evaluation
    • individualized treatment planning
    • group therapy
    • individual therapy
    • Transition/Discharge Planning
    • 24/7 crisis intervention and supervision 24/7. 


    Our clinical model treatment approach includes: 

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Motivational Interviewing


    Our admissions coordinator works with our experienced insurance billing team to verify your insurance and obtain a detailed explanation of your policy’s mental health and chemical dependency benefits. 

    We will review the following information:

    • Individual Out of Network Deductible and what has been applied to date
    • Individual Out of Network Out of Pocket Maximum and what has been used to date
    • Whether there are Annual or lifetime benefits
    • Co-Insurance % after deductible is met
    • Coverages available (RTC, PHP, IOP, GOP)
    • Whether there is a waiting period for preexisting conditions

    Speak to a Family Advisor

    Our team of family advisors and admission counselors are ready to help you and your family.   


    The process is simple: 


    Speak to Us

    Contact us to speak to our family advisors and admission team. We are available by phone, chat or you can fill out a contact form, and we will get back to you.

    Child's History

    We will initially discuss your child's current situation and mental and medical history.

    Insurance Benefits

    If you've not verified insurance yet, we will ask you to submit a copy of your insurance information, and our team will verify your insurance coverage and benefits.


    You will be asked to complete a comprehensive application and submit backup documentation and access to your child's medical records.


    Our team of experts and our Admissions Director will evaluate your child's application and ensure we can help your child. We will formulate your child's treatment recommendations and discuss your options.

    If you agree, the enrollment process starts, and you should begin making travel plans for your child.


    When your child is enrolled and arrives, we begin our comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation and assessment. Then we confirm the treatment plan.

    Individual Treatment Plan

    Each patient is unique. We start by defining the program objectives and treatment goals for your child. The aim is to stabilize the client's mental issues, confirm a treatment plan, and refer for appropriate care.

    The best way to know how to help your child is to speak to our professional team to discuss an individual treatment plan and discuss the associated costs and insurance coverage for your family.